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Hatha Yoga

the most suitable path for beginners to make their body healthy and flexible to be able to follow more advanced yogic techniques as meditation etc

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Different meditation techniques from ancient science of yoga using also relaxation,visualization and chakras awakening.

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wandering travels

Travels in nature mostly but not only that could help us to enrich our experiences about life and human relationships , followed by yoga practices,music therapy sessions and more….

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Healthy Diet

Workshops,articles,events and advises about healthy diet, diet for preventive or therapy different ailments.


articles,news,events and more about alternative therapies
the ultimate site above human wellnes

This is a site about alternative therapies. You could search and be informed about different ways of therapies or a healthy life style to prevent you and your family members from sickness and other problems in body and mind. Yoga is an ancient system of evolution of mankind which uses techniques and methods to accelerate the spiritual growth,improves health and wellness in everybody. Ayurveda is a medical science which uses herbs and it has a holistic approach to human body according the constitution and humor of each person. More methods as music,dance etc help us to be more healthy and at least more happy! You will find a lot of articles and news about above sciences to help you in every day life....

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